Bluebird Marketing partners with leading technology and media vendors to ensure their clients are leveraging the latest techniques to cost-effectively engage, convert, and retain top prospects. delivers on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) and our partnership with means you'll get expert advice and learn how to properly leverage Salesforce to get the most out of your sales and marketing objectives.


Reach your customers with professional, cost-effective and self-service email marketing. Our VerticalResponse co-brand means easy-to-use on-demand email marketing, online surveys and direct mail postcards. We'll help you boost your email marketing through VerticalResponse with campaign creation, copy drafting and editing, and template design.


Bluebird Marketing partners with RingLead to help customers prevent duplicates in Salesforce. Wth RingLead's suite of real-time de-duplication tools, we'll help you maximize Salesforce efficiency. With data quality and lead management tools from RingLead and Bluebird's Salesforce expertise, you'll be on track for a cleaner, more effective CRM database.

Manticore Technology

To provide you with the ultimate marketing automation, Bluebird Marketing has partnered with Manticore Technology. Manticore is a software-as-a-service demand generation platform that extends beyond execution of online campaigns, and instead allows customers to automatically nurture leads through the pipeline. Together, Manticore Technology and Bluebird Marketing will help your company increase demand and revenue.


Demandbase provides sales and marketing solutions for B2B companies, including business leads, sales prospecting and web traffic monitoring tools. Designed to generate leads and improve marketing campaign results, Demandbase's lead quality platform is an on-demand solution that will help bring accuracy and simplicity to lead acquisition. Bluebird's work with Demandbase can help you make the most of your marketing operations by ensuring that qualified leads are properly acquired.


We'll work side by side with streamlinevents to help plan the perfect user group conference, workshop or seminar series. streamlinevents is committed to tailoring creative and strategic events that result in participant motivation, excitement and reward through high-impact events and programs.


Established in 2004, Wave Direct is an interactive direct marketing firm specializing in B2B email marketing, mailing lists, SEM, and online/space advertising. Bluebird Marketing works closely with Wave Direct to build a customized lead generation campaign to reach prospects.